Art Muijsenberg

Art Muijsenberg is a PhD-candidate at the Department of Human Biology of the Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (MUMC+). His research is being conducted in close collaboration with the PRECINUT consortium, which is funded by TKI Agri & Food/LSH and supported by Nestlé Research, Beneo GmbH,, Humicon BV, Homed-IQ, and Sudryso Group BV.

The primary objective of the PRECINUT consortium's research is to investigate the efficacy of precision nutrition interventions tailored to the metabolic phenotypes (metabotypes), of individuals with overweight and obesity. These interventions aim to achieve superior outcomes in blood glucose control, cardiometabolic risk reduction, intervention adherence, mood enhancement, and overall well-being. This research is conducted in comparison to conventional, population-based dietary guidelines. This research encompasses both clinical and field studies, and utilizing a diverse array of research techniques.

In 2018, Art obtained his BSc in Biomedical Sciences, with a specialization in biological health sciences and nutrition at Maastricht University. Subsequently, in 2021, he completed his MSc in Health Food Innovation Management. Before starting his PhD research, Art gained experience in collaborating in public-private partnerships and as an entrepreneur.