Thesis Chantalle Moors


The role of the renin-angiotensin system

To prevent a worldwide epidemic of diabetes type 2, insight in the causes is necessary. Diabetes is a disease where the body can no longer keep the sugar level within the normal boundaries. It is assumed that disturbances in the fat metabolism contribute to this. A disturbance between the supply of fats in the blood stream and the fat metabolism in the skeleton muscle (for example the burning of fats) can lead to fat clutters in the muscle which leads to insulin resistance. Research for this dissertation shows that the fat metabolism in the skeleton muscles is indeed disturbed in people with an increased risk of diabetes. The medicine Valsartan that lowers blood pressure turns out to improve these disturbances. This research provides insight in the development of diabetes and contributes to the prevention of diabetes by means of medication.

Chantalle Moors, October 24th 2012